Key Issues Affecting Our Community

What unites us as a community is stronger than anything dividing us and I fight every day for those shared values of freedom and liberty.

If COVID-19 has exposed anything it’s that Montana’s small farms, truck drivers, and many small business profits continue to be devoured by monopolistic middlemen. Wall Street revels in profits siphoned off the demise of main street. Publicly traded hotels and airlines received the biggest portion of the CARES relief package and the Paycheck Protection Program meant for the small businesses of rural America. 

  1. Montanans must have living wage jobs and healthcare. Cost of necessities have skyrocketed while wages have barely pushed beyond stagnant for 40 years.  Doing more with less is becoming detrimental to Montana families, public services, and the infrastructure all working Montanans rely on. Demands to continually do more with less starves working Montanans and public services upon which we all depend.
  • Montana needs to take measures to protect our family farms from the predatory and anti-trust practices of corporate Industrial Ag. Agriculture is Montana’s number one industry and growing, with 78% of farms and ranches being family owned businesses. Less than 15 cents of 1 food dollar reach the farmer. More than 50% of family farms have someone working a 2nd job outside of the farm to support paying the bills and to acquire health insurance for the family. 
  • Public dollars support public services. “Charter school” is a slick name for private school, designed at the core to exclude somebody.  Public schools were created to serve every child regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion, disability, or sex. I will fight to ensure Montana taxpayer dollars are not syphoned from our already underfunded public school system to private schools.

We CAN do better by every day hard working folks and a vote for me puts you FIRST in my seat at the Montana Legislature.