Meet Colette Campbell

My name is …

Colette Campbell and I am the 4th generation of a proud and hardworking logging family.

I’ve experienced 1st hand a family losing its good paying industry to new environmental restrictions and having to reinvent itself from the ground up.

I am painfully aware of labor’s need to be at the table when decisions are made that affect a working family’s ability to thrive, or just survive.

At the same time, I am also a Montanan who reveres our public lands as the holy grail many states envy, and I know we must be vigilant in preserving both its health and our access for many generations to come.

For 12 years I worked with at risk children and poverty level families as an Early Childhood Educator. Many of these families were simply regulated out or displaced from good paying jobs through no fault of their own.

I am gravely concerned about the push to privatize public services including public education. Charter school is a fancy name for PRIVATE school and “Private” means somebody is being excluded. Public education was created to serve every child regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion or sex.

As our current global health challenge painfully illustrates, those public services that we continue to dutifully pay our taxes into to support must remain PUBLIC services to benefit those who need them most, and this should include small business and the self-employed.  A society is only as strong and healthy as it treats its most vulnerable members.

When we choose to exercise our civic duties, we are the government. Each of us has a voice and hand in actively supporting, opposing or making the rules we agree to abide by.  We CAN do better by every day hard working Montanans and I will be the kind of legislator that keeps working people in mind FIRST.

  • Currently a Public Employee at MSU-Bozeman, and fully aware of the challenges of being priced out of the neighborhoods and communities in which we work.
  • 6 years MFPE Local #8521 FOCUS (Federation of Classified University Staff) President
  • MFPE District 4 Board Director
  • MT AFL-CIO large Board Director at large

I was raised on horseback entirely in rural communities and passed my hunters safety course with flying colors at 13 years of age in my local high school. I am a gun owner and proud member of The Montana Wildlife Federation. I have 2 amazing grown children, love to get out in my garden, and am an avid motorcycle enthusiast.

The most important thing I can do is engage with you on your thoughts and ideas for a better Montana but social distancing and self quarantining is making that impossible right now.